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Acupuncture Books

The Art of Acupuncture Techniques

Johns calls on acupuncturists to redress the “lost of the kinds of subtlety and nuance that increase the definition and clarity of understanding, and that in turn supports a more fully integrated treatment approach” by tending to the features of classical Chinese acupuncture. He provides a brief review of principal followed by sections on point’s selections and technique. His emphasis is on the development plans based on the classical approach. The book covers ancient methods of selecting points and guidelines for creating acupoints prescriptions, classical needing techniques, and specific methods including moxibustion.

Robert Johns

ISBN 1-55643-230-5

Price: $21.95

The 850 EAV Measurement and Points of the Meridians

More than 850 measurable points, 350 established outside the classical or modern Chinese points, which can be defined according to exact topographical position with respect to body anatomy are included in this volume. Using accurate needling as well as medicament testing at these points enables the physician to administer a highly successful therapy.

Reinhold Voll

ISBN - 0-906188-40-7

Price: $24.00

Acupuncture and Moxibustion

Geng Junying and Su Zhihong

ISBN - 7-80005-116-1

Price: $25.00

Acupuncture - A Viable Medical Alternative

Marie Cargill

ISBN - 0-275-94881-1

Price: $12.95

Acupuncture: Traditional Diagnosis and Treatment

David L. S. Paine

ISBN - 0-906188-40-7 

Price: $29.95

Acupuncture in General Practice

N. Robinson and M. Berman

ISBN - 0-906188-35-0

Price: $25.00              

An Introduction to Acupuncture

Johannes Bischko

ISBN - 3-7760-0842-3

Price: $24.00

Applied Chinese Acupuncture for Clinical Practioners

This book covers both traditional theories of Chinese acupuncture and the author’s personal experiences in his many years of clinical practice. Over 200 cases are recorded in detail, covering nature, clinical manifestations, treatment and practical and instructive remarks.

Sun Xue Quan

Price: $68.00

Between Heaven and Earth

The authors explicate the different view of life inherent in Chinese medicine doctors as a gardener to the Western physician as a mechanic. Within this context, Chinese medical concepts such as yin-yan, qi, moisture and blood, organ networks, and the five phases emerge as images that readers can understand experimentally, not simply as cold abstractions.

Harriet Beinfield and Efrem Korngold

ISBN 0-345-37974-8

Price: $15.95

China's New Needling Treatment

This text introduces basic knowledge of acupuncture techniques, with location, insertion technique and indications for 87 points and a checklist of point recommendations for a variety of illnesses using the “New Needling” treatment.

Price: $10.95

Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion

This is the official revision of Essentials of Chinese Acupuncture used by the international Acupuncture Training Center in Beijing, Shanghai, and Nanjing. Presented in 18 chapters, it begins with a brief history, followed by a discussion of yin-yang and the five phases a review of the zang fu and extraordinary fu and their interrelationships, a discourse on qi, blood and body fluids, a description of the meridians and collaterals, and location of the acupuncture points. Theoretical discussions, includes etiology and pathogenesis, diagnostic, methods, differentiation of syndromes, and acupuncture technique, Treatment information includes moxibustion and cupping, general principles of acupuncture treatment, internal diseases, and gynecological diseases. There is a supplementary section on ear acupuncture and anesthesia, a bibliography, a cross-index of acupuncture points. And an index. The book incorporates the experience of teaching classes of Western physicians as well as clinical practice and acupuncture research. The information retains the characteristic features of traditional acupuncture and stresses the integration of theory and practice.

In this revised second edition, a number of revisions and readjustments have been made in the light of existing needs in education, scientific research, medical treatment and international academic exchanges,. These include typographical standardization according to guidelines set out by the WHO and the PRC State Bureau of Technical Supervision standards and elimination of more abstruse contents these latter to be expanded and included in a forthcoming text, Supplement to Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion.

 Cheng Xinnong

 ISBN 7-119-01758-6

Price: $65.00 

Clean Needle Technique Manual for Acupuncturists

National Acupuncture Foundation

Price: $15.00

Clinical Acupuncture and Moxibustion

The text begins with a general introduction to the mechanisms and principles of acumoxa therapy and to the science of acupoint prescription, detailing the method of acupoint selection (local, distal, left-right, symptomatic), the selection according to syndrome (listed within each organ system by visceral syndrome and meridian syndrome), the application of specific acupoints and combining point methods.

Ninety-two disease conditions are extensively covered, including 47 internal conditions, 17 gynecological conditions, 6 pediatric conditions, 17 EENT conditions and 5 dermatological and other disease conditions. Western disease name, Chinese name, and Pinyin are included, along with a general description of the condition, etiology and pathogenesis, differentiation (including symptoms and sign, tongue and pulse and syndrome analysis), treatment for each syndrome, applicable ancient and contemporary empirical points, other therapies (including ear acupuncture and Chinese medicine decoctions), notes, ancient medical records and summary of differentiation, treatment principle, and acupoint selection. Line drawings accompany each discussion and illustrate the location of the suggested points.

Liu Gongwang    

ISBN 7-5433-0942-4    

Price: $65.00

Close to the Bone

The author is a practicing osteopath and acupuncturist specializing in musculoskeletal disorders. He has designed this book as a practical reference for clinical use. The first section covers TCM physiology, pathology and etiology of musculoskeletal disorders, with treatment priorities and TCM treatments and point selections. The second section surveys the tissues and their specific disorders and treatment. The third section, the major part of the book, is a regional review with illustrations of all the articular areas. Each is explained from both Western and TCM viewpoints. The relevant acupuncture points are also discussed. The method of examination of the area, and its disorders and their treatment are described in detail.

David Ledger 

ISBN 0-7316-9117-2    

Price: $67.00

Fundamentals of Chinese Acupuncture

This text presents a thorough view of classical acupuncture alongside the modern approach. It has several unique features that have contributed to its popularity. First, the author has applied a precise method of translation that allows the clinical experience of both modern and classical Chinese authors to be transmitted directly. Second, the text provides the most consistent information at the lowest cost. Third, it provides a more systematic arrangement of study material.

The authors have selected the best discussions available and arranged the text in four systematic sections: Materials and Methods, Channel, Pathways, Channels and Points, and Approaches to Point selection. The Materials selections have been adapted to western practice. However, the techniques presented are those used by Chinese clinicals and include some not usually taught to Western beginners.

Andrew Ellis and Nigel Wiseman

ISBN 0-912111-33-X 

Price: $33.95

Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine

English translations of traditional Chinese medical texts rarely have conformed to the standards required of a contribution to sinology. One exception has been the first edition of Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine, a ground-breaking translation of the Zhong Yi Ji Chu Xue which demonstrated that not only was it possible to meet scholarly expectations for the translations of TCM but that the cooperation of living Chinese speaking clinicians could reveal nuances of practice. Beyond beginner’s manuals, it gives English-speaking students of TCM a change to appreciate the qualitative details available to their Chinese-speaking colleagues. It offers readers the rare opportunity to understand Chinese medicine, not as it is perceived by a Western writer, but as it is perceived and though in China, because Chinese descriptions of TCM that confound Western expectations have not been expunged from the textual translation.

Nigel Wiseman and Andrew Ellis    

ISBN 0-912111-44-5    

Price: $45.00

Fundaments of Traditional Chinese Medicine

This book outlines the basic concepts and theories of TCM. It is useful for laypersons that need a comprehensive approach. Discussed are yin/yang, 5 phases, viscera, qi/xue/jinye, meridians and collaterals, pathogenesis, diagnostic techniques, 8 guiding principles, identification of syndromes according to zang fu, prevention and treatment of disease.

Yin Huihe    

ISBN 7-119-01398-X    

Price: $45.00

Hara Diagnosis: Reflections of the Sea

This work presents the theory and practice of abdominal diagnosis with the greatest care ever applied to an important diagnostic technique. Beginning with an historical and cultural perspective on the use of palpation in general, and abdominal palpation in particular, the book details the information required to master and extend the techniques presented.

Kiiko Matsumoto and Stephen Birch    

ISBN 0-912111-13-5    

Price: $60.00

Pocket Handbook of Chinese Herbal Prescriptions

Zong Lan Xu

ISBN - 0-9679935-1-2

Price: $29.95

Manual of Acupuncture – Flashcard

Peter Deadman

Price: $85.00

Multi-Language Lexicon of Acupuncture Point Names

Carole I. Binswanger

ISBN - 0-906540-83-6

Price: $29.95

Oriental Medicine (Hard cover)

Jan Van Alphen and Anthony Aris

ISBN - 1-57062-175-6

Price: $75.00

"Plum Blossom" Needle Therapy

Basic knowledge, examination and diagnosis, regions for tapping and disease-specific treatments for 54 conditions using the 7-needle plum blossom acupuncture instrument are the topics of this book.

Medicine and Health Publishing

ISBN 962-300-003-0

Price: $18.95 

Practical Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology

Geng Junying & Su Zhihong

ISBN - 7-80005-116-1

Price: $ 31.25

Research in Vet Acupuncture

Jan Still

Price: $30.50

Science and Medicine in 20th Century China

The purpose of this collection of 12 scholarly essays is to establish a “research frontier” in the area of Chinese medical education, where very little well-founded research exists.

One paper, of particular interest to those who study medical education in China, presents rare statistics concerning medical education and priorities.

J. Bowers, J. Hess and N. Sivin

ISBN 0-89264-078-2

Price: $20.00

Selections from Article Abstracts on Acupuncture and Moxibution

Price: $60.00

Standard Acupuncture Momenclature - Part 1

Price: $10.50

Standard Acupuncture Momenclature - Part 2

Price: $10.50

Three Needle Technique

Ganglin Yin, Di Fu

ISBN - 0-9719460-0-0

Price: $31.25

Touch for Healing

John F. Thie

Price: $31.25

The Washing Away the Wrongs

This thirteenth century (Sung) text offers clear ideas of the anatomical and medical knowledge of the time. Those interested in the history of medicine will find the cause of death and their descriptions, as well as the procedures and formulas for restoring the dead, worthy of note.

Sung Tz'u (Brian McKnight)

ISBN 0-89264-800-7

Price: $25.00

The Web That has No Weaver

This is a full and richly presented text that introduces Oriental medical concepts to readers unfamiliar with these ideas. The material presented is derived from modern Chinese practice of acupuncture and herbology, supported by clinical sketches and references to authoritative Chinese sources. By emphasizing the holistic aspects of Chinese medicine, this book has connected acupuncture and herbology to American and European social trends in favour of alternate forms of medical practice. By introducing the ideas of Chinese medicine with familiar terms, and in relation to Western traditions, it has opened the minds of a generation.

Ted Kaptchuk    

ISBN 0-8092-2840-8    

Price: $21.95

630 Question & Answers about Chinese Herbal Medicine

This book is a study guide and exam preparation workbook for Chinese herbal medicine. Its 630 questions cover all aspects of the theory and practice of Chinese herbal medicine including material medica; medicinal combinations; processing of medicinals; formulas and prescriptions; additions and subtractions; case history analysis.

Bob Flaws

ISBN - 1-891845-04-7

Price: $29.95