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Alternative Health Books

All Sickness is Home Sickness

Connelly draws from poignant classic poetry and relates and integrates it with simple and useful methods for embracing life’s difficulties and appreciating its nuances. She uses her academic and professional background in traditional acupuncture to present the reader with alternative ways to live in the moment, deal with anger and frustration, and respond to the impermanence of life. This is a therapeutic book that is about physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

Dianne M. Connelly

ISBN 0-912381-02-7

Price: $16.00

Alternative for Women with Endonmetriosis

Ruth Carol

ISBN - 1-879427-12-5

Price: $16.25

Dogs Best Friend

This intriguing book follows the close partnership between people and their dogs and at play in indigenous cultures around the world.

Ursula Birr, G.Krakauer, D. Osiander

ISBN 0-89281-829-8

Price: $19.95

Feng Shui for the Home

The author describes feng shui history, methods of assessment, qi locations according to the Li Shu grid, orientation of interior elements (doors, windows, walls, beams, etc.), the symbolism of interior décor, feng shui room by room, and feng shui for the office, shop, and garden.

Evelyn Lip

ISBN 0-89346-327-2

Price: $9.95

Feng Shui for Business

Discussions of how feng shui affects the design and orientation of urban and commercial buildings include factors such as the surounding physical environment, the orientation of the main door in relation to the I Ching, the luck and virtue of the owners and management. Form and proportion, lighting and color, ventilation, landscaping, furniture, even the name of the business, have feng shui import. Case studies illuminate the information presented.

Evelyn Lip

ISBN 0-89346-326-4

Price: $9.95

First on the Scene

Geoff Valentine

ISBN - 0-929006-55-0

Price: $10.00

Fountain of Youth

Fountains of Youth takes the reader on a guided tour through the parts of the body where aging is initiated. This is a Fantastic journey into several glands and organs that signal the body to age, through the blood stream and immune system, the Jekyll and Hyde of the body that so easily switches from savior to saboteur. The journey enters the microscopic realm of the living cells and takes a germ’s-eye view of their inner workings. It descends even further into the world of atoms and molecules, where we can gain a simplified understanding of life’s complex chemistry. This book explains to the reader the constituents of life, our knowledge of their workings, and how to use that knowledge to improve one’s health and extend one’s life.

Sebastian Orfali

ISBN 0-914171-76-3

Price: $14.95

Gua Sha - A Traditional Technique

Gua sha is an indigenous folk technique that stimulates the skin to bring sha rash to the surface, releasing the exterior and resolving Qi and blood stagnation.

The author explains how to apply gua sha in specific disorders, with case studies documenting successful treatment of pain and illness. Clinically valuable to acupuncture as well as bodywork practice, the book is easy to follow with illustrations, color and black and white photos.

Churchill Livingstone    

ISBN 0-443-05181-X     

Price: $49.50

Health and Light

John N. Ott

ISBN - 0-89804-098-1

Price: $13.75

How to Have a Health Pregnancy, Healthy Birth

This book is a simple introduction to the Chinese teachings concerning pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care. Historically, the hallmark of Chinese medicine has been its emphasis on prevention as opposed to merely remedial care. Since healthy children have always been a major concern in Chinese culture, this emphasis is even more important in the care of pregnant women and newly birthed mothers. If you are one of these, or if you are a prospective parent, this book may provide new insights and options for you.

Topics covered include: Chinese medical ideas related to pregnancy; timing of conception; age of parents; determining gender; fetal toxins; fetal education; proper diet; appropriate exercise; self massage; professional Chinese medical care; acupuncture during pregnancy; treatment of problems during pregnancy or birth; and postpartum recuperation.

Honora Lee Wolfe

ISBN 0-936185-40-6

Price: $9.95

Holistic Health through Macrobiotics

In this timely new book, Michio Kushi and Edward Esko explain how the unity of body, mind, and spirit is central to holistic healing. Blending traditional and modern perspectives, the authors explain why such holistic concepts as yin and yang, Ki energy, and the five transformation are essential in achieving genuine health and discus such practices as Shiatu massage, Do-In self-massage, oriental diagnosis, and meditation.

The authors present macrobiotic dietary guidelines and home remedies, and discuss how a naturally balanced macrobiotic diet produces the optimal conditions for health. They also describe the medicine of the future in which holistic principles will establish planetary health and peace.

Michio Kushi & Edward Esko

ISBN 0-87040-895-X

Price: $18.00

Light Emerging - The Journey of Personal Healing

Barbara Ann Brennan

ISBN - 0-553-35456-6

Price: $37.50

Menopause Naturally

Women have claimed this important transition as a time to be understood, to be managed with health and humour, and even celebrated. They have formed innumerable support groups, gone to lectures, quizzed their doctors, and read books on the subject. Women anthropologists have looked into the evolutionary value of menopause, its different manifestations in various cultures, and its advantages, as well as its discomforts. Scientists have done considerable research on the medical implications of using hormones as well as alternative methods of symptom relief and health promotion.

Sadja Greenwood

ISBN 1-884244-05-X    

Price: $14.95

Natural Healing for Babies & Children

Natural Healing for Babies and Children is indispensable reading for parents seeking safe and effective ways to keep their children healthy. This comprehensive handbook includes: an A-Z guide to children’s health complaints – and when to call the doctor; herbal remedies, nutritional recommendations, and other home health care tips; guidelines for giving your child a basic physical examination; and how to create an herbal medicine chest and an herbal first-aid kit.

Aviva Jill Romm

ISBN 0-89594-786-2

Price: $16.95

Natural Medicine for Children

A practical, comprehensive guide to herbs, homeopathy, massage and other alternative remedies for every parent who has ever worried about treating a child’s illness with drugs. Natural Medicine for Children offers an abundance of safe, powerful, drug-free remedies for virtually every childhood illness and ailment. Outlining step-by-step treatments that are easy to every family’s home medical library, with essential information about the curative powers of herbal medicines such as Chamomile, Echinacea, Fennel, and Burdock Root; using massage therapy to treat headaches, coughs, asthma, and motion sickness; the most effective natural treatments for respiratory problems and digestive disorders; recognizing symptoms that indicate you should seek medical advice; natural treatments for colds, flu, and fevers and safe nonsynthetic therapies uniquely designed for infants.

Julian Scott

ISBN 380-75876-8

Price: $15.00

Nine Ounces

This book is a nine-part program for the prevention of AIDS for those testing HIV positive. It covers Chinese dietary therapy, exercise, deep relaxation, abdominal self-massage, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, sexual pacing, visualization and developing a healthy attitude.

Bob Flaws

ISBN 0-936185-12-0

Price: $9.95

Picnogenol - The Super "Protector" Nutrient

Richard Passwater & Chithan Kandaswami

ISN - 0-87983-648-2

Price: $6.25

The Prostate Book

Stephen Rous

ISBN - 0-393-30864-2

Price: $16.99              

Prostate Health in 90 Days

Larry Chap

ISBN - 1-56170-460-1

Price: $18.75             

The Prozac Alternative

Natural relief from depression with

The Sexually Health Women

The Sexually Healthy Woman gives you the up-to-date information and reassuring advice every woman needs. Finding your own norm-matching your sexual style to your lifestyle; accepting your sexuality on your own terms; how to improve sexual communication with your partner; self-examination-your key to stopping problems before they start; how to find the right doctor for you; birth control-the advantages and disadvantages of every method; how to avoid VD and other vaginal infections and how to recognize the symptoms; where to find help if you or someone you know is a rape victim; how to build relationships that will enrich your life; what to do if you’ve never had an orgasm-or if you’re not happy with the ones you’ve had; relieving the discomforts of menopause; pros and cons of estrogen replacement therapy; how to find a competent sex therapist; and what sex therapy can and cannot do.

Abby Stitt

ISBN 0-44814366-6

Price: $4.95

Tao and T'ai Chi Kung

Robert C. Sohn

ISBN - 0-89281-217-6

Price: $16.25

A Taoist Classic: The Book of Lao Zi

Ren Jiyu

ISBN - 7-119-01571-0

Price: $21.25

The Smile Method - How to Avoid Gum Surgery

Vasilios Gardiakos

ISBN - 0-9646271-1-6

Price: $16.25

The American Red Cross First Aid & Safety Handbook

Kathleen A. Handal

ISBN - 0-316-73646-5

Price: $22.95

Transition to Vegetarianism

Rudolph Ballentine

ISBN - 0-89389-104-5

Price $16.25

Treatment of Aids with TCM

Wang Qiliang

ISBN - 7-5331-0933-3/R

Price: $16.25

Treatment of Pediatric Bronchitis

This book discusses in detail Traditional Chinese Medicine’s diagnosis and treatment of all these upper respiratory diseases. Traditional Chinese Medicine or

When A Child is Born - Alternative Medicine Series - Women's Health (II)

This new edition of the classic guide for pregnancy and child rearing discusses every aspect of pregnancy and nurturing, from diet and health habits for the expectant mother to nursing processes and advice for treating common childhood ailments.

Wilhelm Zur Linden

ISBN 0-89281-751-8

Price: $12.25

You don't Have to Die - Unravelling the AIDS Myth

A cutting-edge publication that redefines AIDS by shattering the myths surrounding this controversial and sometimes deadly disease. Alternative therapies from around the world coupled with case histories and the latest research make this one of the most promising and compelling books on coping with AIDS today.

Leon Chaitow & James Strohecker

ISBN 0-9636334-4-9

Price: $14.95

Alternative Medicine Series - Women's Health (II)

In this book, 32 leading physicians give their clinically safe and proven alternative medicine treatments for 10 major women’s health conditions, complete with details on 34 actual patient success stories. Leading practitioners explain how they use clinically proven alternative medicine therapies, such as acupuncture, herbs, nutrition and diet, supplements, homeopathy, and many other approaches, to successfully reverse women’s health problems.

Burton Goldberg

SBN 1-887299-30-0

Price:  $18.95